Mom's green thumb

Mom and Grandma!!

These are photos of my mom's flowers. I told you she has a green thumb. I think she must actually have a whole hand that is green. Either that or she is mixing some curious fertilizer in her garage!

To offer some better context, when they bought the land a decade ago, it was a pasture and nothing more. When the house was built, there was nothing but dirt, eh hum to be honest it was red clay, rock and mud. I need to show you some photos of mom fishing or better yet the one I have from many years ago with a sweatshirt and sunglasses holding a big fish. She looked exactly like the uni-bomber! The only thing I don't get...she hates bees and wasps and she makes them an oasis.

Look how sweet my grandma looks. Just seeing her here makes me miss her. I can just see her sitting on her porch, keeping track of which neighbors are driving a little too fast on her street. She always sits with her legs crossed and her leg rocking back and forth particularly when she talks on the phone. She talks on the phone a lot! But not enough to me I'm sure she would say. Okay, need to call her tomorrow.

Love you guys!

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