Making my space

Among the greatest inventions in human history are indoor plumbing, electricity and... the hammock. I love my hammock! (: $19 from the Goodwill :) I'm creating my prayer garden/retreat under the tree just opposite the tree where my hammock swings. I'm just starting of course but I am already reaping the benefits. I find myself singing the Litany, praying, swaying gently in the shade. There is such peace in that space. It's green and cool. I lose track of time. I can relax. I can think about everything. I can think about nothing. It's my space.

The house reflects me and I love my home. I do want one more space like the prayer garden, one that is 100% tranquility inside. I want a bedroom retreat. Our bedroom is nice enough, but it's not the beautiful, romantic retreat I would like. It's functional.

For now I am content with my outdoor space. But seeing the comfort it brings me I understand more than ever that in this job I must have a place to retreat and regroup. Before the winter blasts through again I will have the bedroom retreat.

If you don't have a hammock swinging from your tree that's okay! Find a rocking chair, a reclining lawn chair, even a blanket and a shady patch of grass. You need to have a space that makes you relaxed and recharged. Inside, outside, upside down, make your space.

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