Let it rain

I'm sitting on the porch this morning with a cup of coffee (of course) and a cozy, soft throw, watching a cool rain fall all around me.

I am learning to love every moment of my life. I am so happy. I enjoy every season here in the Midwest, and I am feeling so content and peaceful each day. This is new for me.

When the sun is bright and shining, and the temperature hovers at 80 degree with a gentle breeze it's easy to love the weather. But when it's storming, or frigid it can be more difficult. I have always found my contentment ran as hot and cold as March. It was wholly unpredictable until most recently. In the last two years I have matured tremendously but I realize sitting here that I have changed more than I have known.

As I find myself enjoying what every season has to offer I realize that I am growing and God is creating in me a mature woman.

Motherhood has many seasons and it can be a challenge to embrace new ones, like when they begin to drive and have their own opinions and it is certainly difficult to let go when a season passes like breastfeeding. As I pass through them, I discover new things about myself, my beliefs and my own heart. God is revealing much to me.

As a Christian the seasons have been even more difficult to accept. There are times when my faith feels alive and thriving and periods where I feel disconnected and removed from God. For some during life's stormy trials they feel angry at God, while others only seek Him when times are tough. I must admit I've done both. I realize now that to be a mature Christian means being steadfast in good weather and bad.

I have come to enjoy the cold winter days by snuggling in front of the fire, warm and sheltered in my home. I hope I can always seek the shelter of God's love when the storm thunders and frightens me. I want to be the kind of Christian that praises Him and thanks Him when the sun shines on my life and when it does not.

The rain is coming down in buckets now, and I say, "let it rain". I have seen firsthand the blessings that spring forth in abundance after a storm passes through.

Praying for abundant blessings for you,

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