We went to see the new Incredible Hulk today. But first, a gripe. One that has nothing to do with the film and everything to do with the movie theater redefining a "matinée" early on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. A matinée (once upon a time kids) was anything before 6 or so but NOW on the weekends it's 4 pm. Oh and guess what time the Hulk starts eh hem, 4:15.

That's just shady and I am shouting it from my tiny corner of the blogosphere.

For the movie, I loved it. I liked the first one but thanks to my dh I expected it to be a monster movie and not a superhero blockbuster. This was the latter and I really enjoyed it, even more so than the first one.

It's PG-13. There were a couple of curse words and lots of comic books violence. There were human casualties as well as a sweet dog that appears to be shot but when the camera pans you see it's a tranquilizer dart. It's Hulk, he smashes things. One thing I always appreciate is that you don't actually see the Hulk

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