good books and tea, share some with me?

Now that my panic over being a bad parent has been eased (for the night) I remember what I was going to blog about in the first place before Jen got me all flustered!

I have a hard time finding novels I enjoy. In the summer I always intend to do light reading and I never manage to pull it off. Instead I end up with what was my first choice for this summer, Team of Rivals. This little 944 pager is on my short list of "must reads". LOVE Abraham Lincoln. Love Doris Kearns Goodwin.

I am reading American Gospel by Jon Meacham which is a journalistic approach to analyzing how the Founding Fathers really meant to incorporate God into our government. As opposed to having them and their intentions hijacked by the farthest ends of the political spectrum to suit their agendas.

I am also hoping to get to the biography of Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow. I have been wanting this one too for some time.

As much I enjoy these I would like something that is more on the brain candy end of the aisle. I can't do romance, or suspense. I just read the first chapter or two, flip to the back and read the ending and if I like it I read the middle.

I do LOVE the Elm Creek Quilters Novels by Jennifer Chiaverini. There's a series and you must start at the beginning to fully appreciate them. They are full of heart, friendship, regret, history, love, hope, laughter, well, they are wonderful.

I also read a Jodi Piccault book recently that I liked Keeping Faith. Interesting, a little off on some doctrine but a good story I thought. I got another one the The Tenth Circle, I think but I read the first 2 chp. then the end and decided, nah.

So I am looking for suggestions. For now I am re-reading books I enjoy. It's like visiting old friends. But I need some more ideas, I read quickly, so please share?


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