A flowery post

Before and after! The before is actually after we dug up the area (forgot to snap the "before", before!) At any rate this is the result.

The dogs had turned this area off the deck into a veritable mud pit over the wet and long winter. I spent many a day averting my gaze from this part of my yard. We will be setting the pool up in the next day or two (in the large bare spot seen in the photo). To have left this as it was, would have meant the constant tracking of grass and mud into the pool and house, not to mention it looks so much better.

I wanted a meandering, sort of natural looking stone-brick path. I need to plant some grass seed in the remaining patchy areas but this is such a tremendous improvement I can't even begin to express my joy!

The path winds into the edging around where the pool will go in the next day or so. I'll post pics when it's up. SO many outside projects to do. I am having the most fun! I love being outside. I eat better, drink water, get some healthy sunshine and play in the dirt a little every day.

Look at this friends...

These are some freshly cut flowers from my garden. I can't believe I have flowers and they are flourishing. They were so fragrant I want to carry them around with me just to admire and appreciate them. Taylor cut and arranged these, and made a second bouquet for her room.

Maybe the green thumb gene was passed on after all? Grandma and Mom can grow a plant in the middle of the interstate, but me well it takes a minor miracle.

Mom has flowers as big as dinner plates, I think she feeds them some mutant fertilizer. Grandma brings plants back literally from the brink of death. Somehow she keeps them from going into the light.

I hope each of you are enjoying the spring as much as I am.


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