Fill 'er up

Did you think this was a post about gasoline? Nope, sorry. We have had beautiful hummingbirds visiting the flowers this year. We purchased an inexpensive feeder this weekend to coax them closer to the window for observing. William prepared the nectar and put the feeder together. We hung it on the front porch.

We all love to bird watch. This was one of the first ways I began to incorporate a Charlotte Mason focus on nature into my home school program. We started taking the time to notice the spectacular world in our own yard.

The front windows are perfect for getting up close and personal. We have a host of common house sparrows, finches, cardinals, blue jays, woodpeckers and the occasional bluebird who stop by to enjoy the many feeders. The large thick pine in the front yard is like a birdie condo. William especially loves the birds. He is always announcing from the classroom, "there's a goldfinch at the feeder", or " there is a male house finch". We started out last year with a log but that became too much work.

We could spend all day updating it. The bird watching on the recent trip was fantastic. I wish I could list everything we saw but that would be a real snoozefest I'm afraid.

If you don't watch birds I hope you consider it. It is very relaxing and even my active busy little boy will sit and enjoy them. Birds are also about the only nature sketches he really likes doing, and does so without prompting.

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