Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting

We went to see Kung Fu Panda this weekend. Very cute movie. It was nice for a change to enjoy a family movie without the constant barrage of totally inappropriate humor. If there was a subtle political statement it was really subtle because I missed it completely. Also nice change. It was so cute to see the Panda, as a comic book/action hero-type fan. We found that oddly endearing-can't think why?

I've been driving the kids crazy because I call the movie Kung Pau Chicken. It's a Veggietales reference.

Must still see Indiana Jones, Hulk*, Batman*, and Iron Man one more time before it leaves the theater.

We also finally watched Evan Almighty this weekend. I won't watch just anything and since I never had any desire to see Jim Carrey play God I was in no hurry to see Evan. It was actually kind of cute though I found the family dynamic totally underdeveloped and Wanda Sikes' (sp)character overdone.

Off to bed, school is back in tomorrow!


*not yet released

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