Aren't dogs the best?

"They are loyal, faithful and true" according to Shadow, the golden retriever from Homeward Bound (one of my top ten favorite movies). My labs follow me around like, um, puppy dogs. They need to be wherever I am. They need my affection, attention and care. They ask for so little in return. They are content with whatever time or energy I have to give them.

I love dogs. I am a dog person. I like bigger dogs as opposed to yappy dogs (my apologies to all yappy dog owners) but I like dogs that can fetch things bigger than a thimble. We once had a dog, Dart, one of my dad's police dogs. A beautiful German shepherd, who would sooner eat you than look at you, and he had for a toy- a 12 lb. bowling ball. Dad drilled a hole through it and threaded a thick rope through it. He would carry it, swing it and play with it endlessly. It was a bit of weight training but loads of fun for him too. We had Anita, another shepherd and she was so smart and the most beautiful shepherd I have ever seen. These are my kind of dogs.

Maggie, the newest pup, a yellow lab/husky mix chewed the Directv cable and the new water hose in half. This water hose replaced the last one she chewed. She destroyed my wicker furniture. She is a digger too. I have a digging spot for her, I just haven't begun training her to it.

Keeping the hair under control is a constant battle, that I often feel I am losing. Poop scooping must be done daily, and they need brushing and walking.

They are wonderful companions but they require lots of work. Most of which falls to me. That's okay really they are my dogs. If they could talk they would tell you as much. It is me they follow, me, they will wait to go to bed with at night, and me, whose attention they crave.

I really do love my dogs though much of my day involves -

let the dogs out
let the dogs in
let the dogs out
let the dogs in
let the dogs out
let the dogs in

(and so on)

Loving my furry friends,

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