Yellowstone admission $25, experience priceless

I do not even know where to begin...Yellowstone was spectacular!!

God smiled on us in glorious ways today. The weather was beautiful, overcast (which is perfect for pictures) just warm enough for a tee-shirt or light sweatshirt. But most of all we saw everything, ev-er-y-thing! We saw a bald eagle in her nest feeding her baby! Though we were a good piece from the nest we chatted up some Hoosiers (William had his IU shirt on) with bird watching scopes and were able to look as long as we wanted. We could see the food being placed in the baby's beak. We even snapped off some pictures through their scope's lens. his one came out but the baby could not be seen :( I was so excited I was trembling! As an enthusiastic but novice bird watcher this was a dream come true for me. The baby was a bonus I couldn't have even imagined!

We saw a wolf just before we entered the park we stopped and took some photos. Later inside the park this coyote was on the side of the road and he came up almost close enough to touch him!! (though we did not of course) He was very calm and seemed to be expecting us to toss him a few bites of something. He was there with us for probably 10 minutes. Wolves and coyotes from a distance are tough to distinguish. We were fairly certain the first one we'd seen was a wolf and not a coyote but as soon as we saw this guy up close we saw the difference, we couldn't believe it and so close!

Then the last major thing we could hope for was suddenly stopping traffic! Yep, a grizzly bear grubbing for roots and food. The park rangers could not determine the sex but said it was either a young male thin from the hibernation or a female. It stayed for nearly 20 minutes or so and came within about 35 feet of us. William was very frightened and wanted no part of seeing that bear any closer. To see the bear wandering around, wind scenting, digging for grubs and roots and doing it's own thing was really stunning. It was yet another highlight to an awesome day!

We saw tons of bison, elk, moose, sand cranes, hundreds of deer, antelope, Old Faithful, hot springs, geysers, waterfalls and more scenery than I have the hard drive in my mind to contain. The scent of pine was overwhelming. The snows were melting and all the wildlife was stirring. Snow was still in drifts 4 feet high. Driving through the highest altitude it was disorienting as it look like winter, not late spring.

Everything in the park seemed to have sprung to life today just for us. We met people who were there for days and hadn't seen what we'd seen in only hours. It was perfect, I couldn't add or change one single thing. You must, must go.

I have so much more to say about it all, about taking school on the road this way but we got up at 5:30 and it's now 11:30 here (12:30 am at home) and I am so tired. Tired but excited. Tomorrow we head back to South Dakota and then to Rushmore and some more national treasures!


PS You have to go!!

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  1. Robin,
    That is soooo awesome! I hope to go sometime, and I will look forward to seeing all your photos when you get back. Yea, and I'm so glad you're having a good time. I've been praying for you. Take care, and if you get a chance while you're there, watch National Treasure 2 - it ends up at Mt. Rushmore!


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