Wasting away again in Margaritaville

This post is way late. Steve and I went to our first Jimmy Buffet concert in April and it was a blast! I wish I had known that folks would so be completely over the top in their enthusiasm. If I had known, Steve and I would definitely have had parrots on our heads and grass skirts. Ah, next time.

We were so pleased with the concert. He didn't jack around with the songs which always drives me crazy. He sounded great and the musicians were top notch. We also really enjoyed that the intermission music was done as solos by the various musicians from the band. The ukulele player was phenomenal. He did, "While My Guitar Gently Weeps."

The predictable downside was the alcohol. With the theme being Margaritaville it's hard to be put off with 'em of course but some folks started waaaay too early and by 15 minutes into the concert they were sort of zoned out in their lawn chairs and barely coherent for the show. Genius among us, no?

Parrotheads are such devoted fans, as a newbie to the full blown parrothead concert experience, I was a little shell shocked. People brought entire Tiki bars on trailers and set them up in the parking lot. They had games, electricity, they were mixing drinks and playing music. The party started in the parking lot after lunch I assume. There were pirates, and even a guy dressed up like Captain America (in a full beard). No, it was NOT my husband.

It was inexpensive actually. We bought the tickets from Rapidtickets.com. They were $20 each. We were in the lawn but arrived a couple hours early and were at the front, so woohoo! We couldn't have been happier with the seating. We paid nearly as much for a slice of pizza and a lemonade. Socialists.

Steve got me hooked on Jimmy when we started dating and though I partially blame him (Jimmy that is) for our love of the ocean and subsequent Biloxi/Katrina experience and the sadness that settles in my heart every time I hear the songs I adore, I love him still. Jimmy Buffett I mean. I love Steve too of course. You know what I mean, right? His music means a great deal to us as a couple.

We honeymooned in Hilton Head, Myrtle Beach, and Savannah. We journaled separately during that week so we would have a record of what we thought at the beginning. One thing we both entered about our hopes and dreams for our future was how much we wanted to live by the ocean, or at least in an ocean town. We wanted to be locals and not tourists. We saw our dream realized in Biloxi, briefly but when we returned to make our home we saw it distorted and unrecognizable a few short days later. So now when we listen Jimmy and the soundtrack of our dream it is bittersweet. We both still hope someday we will make our way back to the sand and sea and make a life. For me it's still too traumatic and raw. It lost most it's charm. For Steve the desire has returned and it pains him to wonder if we will ever have it again.

So this is totally off topic and a month late but I have been meaning to share it. It was a gift to each other for our anniversary to go to the concert, and I think to begin to open our hearts, the tiniest bit, to a dream we shared when we first married 10 years ago. "A Pirate Looks at Forty" and a couple other of my favorites our in the music playlist here on the blog. If you have a minute give it a listen. If you are a fan, you'll get it. If you aren't, I recommend seeing the sun come up over the water, or sitting in the arms of the one you love as the moonlight dances on the waves.


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