There's a carcass in my trunk!

So we were driving through Bighorn Mountains (which I keep calling Bigfoot Mts.) and we were looking for the rams that are supposed to be in a certain area when I spied a skull. It looked like something out of a western, some skull of a cow on the great plains.

We turned around to investigate and it was a head, jaw bone, partial spine, and a couple ribs. We couldn't figure out what it could be though. It looked too big to be a deer which were abundant. It could be an antelope, elk or moose which we saw in many areas. So we bagged up the skull and jaw bone and tossed it in the trunk. I thought it would be fun for the kids to do a little investigating, CSI style (which I don't watch - Law and Order that's my bag).

Steve was such a good sport about it! I was certain he would object. Maybe it was because it was a rental car, maybe he too was curious or maybe he was just in a good mood because we'd had a nice lunch? At any rate he bagged himself a, or er, uh a somethinorother in a souvenir bag. We'll let you know what we find out about him.

We named him. Slim Jim. A)he's very thin, seeing as how he is just skull and bones and B) whatever he is or was I'm sure you could make beef jerky out of him.

The only downside was that at the next gas stop we checked on Jim and the trunk had a couple loose beetles and a smell. So we bagged him in a tight plastic bag and sealed him back up, checked everything for critters and got on down the road.

Is it a crime to remove an animal from a state park? Even if it's dead? If so, technically Steve did it and I will deny any knowledge of the body, eh hum bones, in the trunk.


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  1. Did you figure out what the carcass was yet??? I am curious!
    Pictures of it?!?! What a cool project to work on with the kiddos!


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