the suite life of William and Taylor

We left Saturday before last, this is Thursday morning. I can't count how many days that is cause I'm a little fried.

We swim, we do the hot tub, we eat out. Not complaining. But there are many hours to fill and we are at the hotel waiting for Steve for several.

We have spent many days and nights in more than a few hotels on this trip and I have some suggestions for bored little ones in the hotel room that have worked for me when all the above has gotten old, no one wants to read or do math and mom is threatening to hitchhike.

The underestimated ironing board. You can iron, HA! Or you can use it to ramp cars off. You can use it as desk, office or store front to sell food you drew pictures of, Teddy Grahams or mom's secret chocolate stash.

You call down for extra blankets and make an awesome tent. When I set this up, Steve said, "You really are the best mom." That made my week.

You can use the ice bucket and soaps and shampoos as science lab and the coffee pot and your sodas to have a tea party. You can hide things and look for them around the room, play tv scavenger hunt with the remote or you can let them jump bed to bed until something or someone breaks.

I'm too spent to think of the other things I want to write, like why do we have a carcass in the trunk. We do, more later, I'm calling it a rabbit trail.

I also want to write about the education we have had on the road but I keep detouring. Maybe on another sleepless night?


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