My apologies if this blog sometimes looks like Fred Sanford's front yard. I know I bounce all over the place. One day it's a Subway gripe and the next day a once in a lifetime experience like Confirmation. (Please read previous post if you haven't already!)

It's late. Once again I forgot to take my medicine on time. But it's Friday night and I can sleep in so I took it anyway! I should call it what it is, it's a sleeping pill. I just can't do it. It sounds so Marilyn Monroe. It's Ambien for cryin' out loud! It's not exactly some potent concoction I had to sneak over the border or pay some backwoods, shady doctor to give me- but still. Is it guilt? Why yes, how perceptive of you. Like all things I think this too should be squarely within my power to control and it's not. And that makes me feel like the tiniest bit of a failure. What can I do? I shrug it off, take the... (eh hem) sleeping pill and cut myself a break.

It really helps in such wonderful ways. The truth is I think I shall take it from now until forever!

I had several errands to run today. Several. I got to the library with the all the Ken Burns Baseball documentary dvd's. I think there are 12 or so, when I realized not one box actually contained a dvd. It will take you like a week, maybe a month but you really must watch this amazing documentary series. It's history, not just baseball which would be cool enough.

Oh, the shoes-

I got kind of snippy with a gal at Kohl's today. I was shoe shopping with no less than 5 kids in tow. I needed some help and I looked on solidly ONE HALF of that store and found not a single employee anywhere. I huffed my way to the front. (Huffed as in irritated, not like I can't walk the length of Kohl's without huffing and puffing-geez, thanks) Where was I? oh yeah. Apparently everyone decided to check out at the same time and every member of the "team" was running a register.

"I need some help and there is literally NO ONE on THIS half of the store." I announced, gesturing in a broad sweeping motion with both hands, to the left side of the store.

She asked what I needed. "Shoes." She apologized and said that was her department and she'd get someone right over to help me.

Guess what? I found a heel.

So, I got over the gentle nudge of remorse and found all the shoes I was looking for and they were all 50% off, thank you very much. They were Nike and Avia, and the same or less than the no names at Wal-mart and Payless I'd been looking at previously.

I was going to get shoes too but there comes a point when you just don't care anymore. You can barely spell shoes, let alone dare to take the time to shop and try on shoes for yourself. I couldn't even remember if I'd ever worn shoes by the time we checked out so that was left for a other day.

Did I ever tell you some of my shoe store manager stories? I used to run a Pic n' Pay (it's exactly like a Payless - some color scheme even. Maybe they bought 'em out- I digress). I once locked a shoplifter in with me. Yeah, smart, I know. I loved running the shoes, and making them look all neat in their boxes and seeing the aisles straight and tidy. Then some stupid woman with 5 kids would come through and trash the joint letting them all try on shoes and then she'd come looking for ME for some help. As if I could actually help her.

Is that irony?

Robin :)

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