One Day at a Time

Wow, I woke up this morning aching all over. I will rest and take it easy today (or at least I sort of plan to) and I see the doc tomorrow. I felt bad when I went to bed but I went to bed too late to take Tylenol PM because it would hangover till this morning and I can't, won't do the zoned out morning thing.

This is really annoying because I have become quite the morning person over the years. I didn't realize it though. I always whine about how early I rise (5:00-5:30 am) but in truth I am busy, and I get lots accomplished, it's my quiet time. I like sitting on the porch when the sun is coming up and it's cool and dewy.

I found myself really bemoaning having to get up this morning. But now that I have been up for a couple hours, I'm glad I am awake. I am so worried that I will find myself spending too much time in bed when I feel like this. I'm so afraid of surrendering to the aches and pains simply because I can.

I fear that I am not strong enough to fight this fight. Well, I know I am not strong enough. I know God can see me through it but will I be aware enough of my own weakness to call on Him? Will I be too tired, too discouraged to realize I need Him in the moments that I need Him? Will I choose what is easy and just lay down and let it be?

Spoke to someone (via email) this week, who shared that at 12 yrs into her MS journey she is still officially undiagnosed. I cannot tell you how discouraging that is to me.

My mom used to sing this song when I was a kid, "One Day at a Time Sweet Jesus", that's all any of us can ask for, right?

Alright, shaking it off,

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