On the road again...

The driving on the front end of this trip is less than impressive. But can you say you have been to the geographical center of the continent? HA! I can. It's Rugby, North Dakota. It was about a quarter of a mile wide, by my estimation and was marked by a pillar. Oh and a gas station, they had a gas station.

Minot, ND is no resort area either, BUT there is a Barnes, a Target and like every all-American town a super Wal-mart. It's your typical middle of nowhere military town. No disrespect to Minot really. We've been all over and most of the country is filled with quiet towns like this with all the basics, especially ones that have sprung up around a base. We found a great park, a beautiful ridge that over looks an amazing rolling valley, and a Scandinavian Memorial Park with the most intricately carved white cedar buildings I've ever seen (including the church pictured above). Many were dismantled and moved here. Truly impressive. So this isn't the worst place and it has it's charm sort of.

I am so turned around though I can't remember where we've been or where we are going. I do feel like a rock star in that sense. Oh and the fact the my kids can trash the nicest of hotel rooms in about 4 minutes. I walk in and think, "oh this is a great room" then before dinner it looks like my own living room. We've had upgrades at every stop. I don't know if it's my persistence or Steve's Platinum Priority Club Membership but we have had sweet (and suite) rooms as a result of the upgrades. Cozy!

The bathroom vanity is littered with all our stuff, nose trimmers, earrings, toothbrushes, and make up. The shower has swimsuits drying and towels are breeding in the floor. The tiny little trash cans are really a joke. Thankfully I have plenty of empty Wal-mart bags from all our snacks, and little trips for necessities like pool noodles. The mess bothers me not, it is straightened up most the time, and maid service comes in and does the biggest part, yeah baby. They are probably regretting the upgrade, thinking they only gave us more space to trash. I told Steve the other night when they were wrestling, squealing and making a huge racket that the staff is probably thinking...Hoosiers. (FYI, in Illinois that is an insult. Like a backward, hillbilly redneck with no shoes, and a Pinto in the yard)... looking around... yep, 'bout right.

I finished a Jodi Picoult book in three days, Keeping Faith. So I've had plenty of time to read, though not in the car-motion sickness.

The family is playing Pirates Dice, and waiting for me so better scoot.

Blessings from God's Country
(actually I think we passed God's Country about 200 miles back)


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