Mount Rushmore take two

Whew, meant to do this sooner. For the record I mean to do everything sooner. Shave my legs, vacuum, bathe the dogs - you name it.

This is me, or at least the back of my head, enjoying Mount Rushmore. Thankfully the nasty, foggy, weather pattern that settled over the Black Hills moved out and the monument was visible finally. During our visit the previous day the small trees on the slope, seen just under their faces, weren't even visible through the thick blanket of fog. It was as if the whole monument had vanished. I thought it was an episode of Scooby Doo. I actually said, jinkies!
We were so blessed to have the next morning to detour and try again!

A little info about Mount Rushmore ...

Did you know there is a hall of records or "treasure room" behind the monument? No, I don't mean Nick Cage style, I mean the architect built it in. It is 100 feet long by 80 feet wide and was meant to hold archives relating to the construction and other Western Civilization documents. It is located behind Lincoln's head and a model is pictured to your right. (Please place your seats and trays in the upright position.)

To your left is a scale model of what the artist, Gutzon Borglum, had originally envisioned. Unfortunately the stone would not support the design that included the waist up so only Washington is pictured with a partial chest.

One of my favorite tidbits is not pictured :( But it is a cast of Lincoln's head that is nearly as tall as me (I'm 5' 1"). This and casts of each head were suspended beside them so the craftsmen could touch and feel what it should look like as they worked. One note said the artist encouraged them to continually touch and feel the shape of the cast and allow this to guide their work. Another note said the men using the explosives became so accurate that they could blast a section and come within inches of the desired cut. Impressive! The entire process was a marvel. The areas was beautifully preserved, well tended and the staff was extremely friendly and helpful. Cost for the park was $10 and was good for the whole year or balance thereof. It is license plate specific however so no swapping!

I can check yet another thing off my dream list. I loved every minute of this particular morning.


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  1. Mt. Rushmore is INCREDIBLE... I am glad you were able to catch a glimpse of it! The VERY first time I saw it was at night.. we were walking up towards it and YIKES! The lights went out for the night! We did go back the next day. My parents LOVED Keystone and would stay there permanantly if they could! Incredible isnt it? Did you go down to Crazy Horse? We didnt. Oh and one of the guys who helped with Mt. Rushmore was there.... and I have his autographed little book!


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