Lovin' the Library

Browsing around this week I stumbled onto the Leap Pad books! Since we have never owned a Leap Frog product, until Susan gave us a spare one from her house, I didn't even know they had this available for borrowing!

We picked a few and William has been enjoying them everyday. In case you are a stranger to your local library it is a great resource that is grossly under-utilized. I love getting books on cd and tape. I borrow all our magazines from Martha Stewart to the teeny bopper ones Taylor enjoys browsing but I can't bring myself to spend money supporting. They have lots of movies and educational videos, and just because it isn't on the shelf doesn't mean it isn't in the system or at another library in the network. We borrow trade paperback comics, foreign language courses, and they also have Hooked On Phonics. We get lots of music too! Oh and many are offering a Rosetta Stone course through the library systems. On base it's even free!!

I enjoy the books sales but have yet to find some great treasure. I enjoy it almost as much as the books store, there is certainly less temptation to spend money there though!

Another recent discovery for me is half.com the books selling site for ebay. You can find literally every book you ever wanted there for a few bucks, like new. I got 32 Tomie DePaolo books recently for less than a fifty cents each. They do have textbooks and homeschool books but I have yet to find them very good deals there. The prices are flat so there is no bidding.

Summer is here and it's time for lots of reading!! If you have not graced the library with your presence recently, just go already!


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  1. WE LOVE the library! We MOSTLY love it because it is FREE and in the summer has the BEST AC EVER! We frequent our library alot. They have some super cool children's programs and we get free baseball tickets and stuff.. and the summer reading program is coming up! At our library they also have Muzzy available at our library... oh and another fave of the girls is to borrow the puppets and stuff!


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