lookout for the mailbox

Check out the big guy!
Oh yeah no training wheels!! Yesterday William decided he wanted them off. He started working and specifically instructed mom and dad to let him try it himself. Other than a slight scrape with the mailbox he did very well. He got up this morning and started again. He can do the length of the house now on the sidewalk. I think by the end of the weekend we will be on the bike trail without the extra rattling wheels!

Taylor learned much the same way and had it down in a day or two. Corey was only 3 and he was just zooming around, little legs as hard as they could go.

As much as I love these milestones it serves as one more reminder how fast they grow up and this is the baby! Letting go of the back of his bike seat is a perfect analogy. He may still be in the yard and on the sidewalk but I had to let go a little. I think it hurts more than the mailbox.

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