Living the American dream this Memorial Day

These photos were taken during our trip for the March for Life in Washington D.C this past January. I was so humbled and moved, standing in these solemn and sacred places that I could barely contain my emotions. It was awe inspiring, and I left the capitol with a sense of pride and responsibility to all those who worked to create, maintain and defend this country.

I live the American Dream. I may be grumbling about the price of gas a bit these days but I am not naive. I am safe. No one is firing rocket propelled grenades into my neighborhood today. I am cooking dinner in a well stocked, sanitary kitchen in a lovely home. My husband will leave tomorrow for his job. The waste disposal truck will pick up my trash in the morning. I can flush all three toilets in my house. My three dogs probably eat better than 2/3 of the world's population. I homeschool my children without any fear of retribution and I worship God as I believe. My children do not know the horrors of war or starvation. They can hardly conceive of oppression and tyranny.

I realize not every American lives the American dream. But I also know that with the exception of a few destitute areas, that most of the poorest in this country can still afford cable, cigarettes, and alcohol. The very poorest have Medicaid and food stamps. While that is by NO means living the high life it is not the same at all as living in a third world country, under warlords and watching your babies die from malaria or hunger. Every person in this country can make their way to this dream. We may all be given different hands to play and admittedly many hands are not as fortunate as others but it can be done.

It exists because all the generations before us saw fit to sacrifice some of their own, protect it and to hand it over to us. It is ours not only for safe keeping but to enjoy and appreciate.

I know I cannot add anything at all to the honor of those who have died in service to our country and certainly not with a few flowery words on a blog.

I can only pray that the those who have died for the idea of freedom this the greatest country that was ever created will know I have not forgotten them. I pray I honor them in in manner in which I live my life, raise my children and in the deep abiding love I have for our country . For those who have fallen, were wounded, never returned, and served...thank you. For those who gave the ones they loved to the noble cause of freedom...thank you.

Have blessed Memorial Day,

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