I'm not a rock star but I stayed at a Holiday Inn last night

Hello from the road trip! (should that be one word?)

We are tagging along with Steve on his longest biz trip of the year. North and South Dakota, Wyoming, and Montana. Nice detours through Yellowstone and Mount Rushmore make it worth the miles.

Though I had serious doubts about the wisdom in coming (worry over how the drive and travel would affect me physically) I am very glad I came. For my wonderful friends at home and all over really, thank you for the prayers and keep them coming!

I have had no problems so far and we are nearly half way through :) In fact this has been very relaxing, as I had prayed it would be. The hotels have been lovely with hot tubs, swimming pools and excellent beds and bedding. I have been swimming and in the hot tub every morning and it has felt fabulous. The meds have helped tremendously!! The overall aches from the fibro have been greatly reduced, and the Ambien has given me several nights of perfect rest. It has made such a difference I cannot even begin to explain. Two words...recuperative sleep.

I have slept in every morning, napped in the afternoon, and eaten out for dinner every night. Not too bad eh? The kids have been really great! We have done a little school -math and reading aloud but nothing too heavy. I will not think about how far "behind" we probably are now. (fingers in ears...lalalalalalalalalalala)

Okay so friends, this is going pretty well to this point and I am praying it continues. We still have the longest drive ahead of us Saturday but we will stop often, stretch and take our time. We have till Monday to get there.

I can't thank you all enough for the well wishes and prayers I know are being lifted up for me. I love you guys and I MISS YOU! I have to tell you about Applebee's!

Love, Robin

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