front landscaping ---check

Thanks to mom who surprised me for my birthday and ended up jumpstarting this project! Here is the finished product mom, you don't know what a joy it is to me to have this finished! It looks great and I don't sigh everytime I roll up in the driveway. I'm not even going to worry about annuals this year, one thing at a time.

I've heard it said that your home should rise up to meet you. It should be a sanctuary, a retreat. I want that too! Unfortunately to create that without the help of a home improvement show is not a walk in the park. Home ownership I have realized is a never ending "to do" list. Susan reminded me yesterday that for every one thing I check off the list, 3 will replace it. ugh, I hate it when she is right.

What a trade off in benefits from our days in base housing I could call up and have everything fixed, I was limited in what I could do (though I always painted) and I had no expenses in the improvements or upkeep. ooh! and I could run the A/C 24/7. That's changing with privatization but anywho. It was nice, I liked it! As much work as it is to have this house, I truly love it. It reflects me, although it's coming along a little at a time.

It's my home and I truly love caring for it, and making it beautiful. That is the one major source of my recent frustration. My work in the home is of course a chore but something I enjoy.

I'm very happy with what's been accomplished and I am not even going to think about all that's still on the list.

:) Robin

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