cliches are cliches for a reason

"oops, spoke to soon"


"too good to be true"

I don't believe in superstition but after posting how good I've been feeling last night, I really wish I had knocked on wood! Perhaps my own skull.

This morning I went down to the breakfast area to bring up our food, and while chatting with the nice lady who manages the breakfast bar about homeschooling, I was hit by a wave of nausea. Then dizziness and an all over cold sweat. I sat down quickly before falling down but at some point I must have passed out and they call the paramedics. I considered refusing transport but they convinced me (quite
easily really) that it was better to go get checked out. (Steve was already at work)

The kids were sleeping upstairs so I asked the front desk to call and forewarn them that a fireman would be coming up to get them. They explained I was okay, the kids got some clothes on and they got to ride to in ambulance.

I was checked out and I'm sure I ran up a nice fat bill and then the doctor, like me, shrugged his shoulders, offered meds and said I could go.

It was NOT my heart. Lord knows how many times I've passed out with palpitations and chest pain and this was not the same.

You know it was exactly like the time my cousin Adam was visiting and I was talking to him one minute and flat out the next. Maybe I am like one of those old black and white movie stars and I just get the vapors or feel queasy or faint or something? I dunno. I know since I was discharged got some food and rest I feel better. I think my stomach is upset but other than that I am feel as fit as a fiddle.

It's just like me to think it was all fine and then I go passing out next to the bacon and Cheerios in my pajamas in front of a room full businessmen. Thank goodness I had a bra on.

Never a dull moment,

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  1. Oh, for goodness sakes, Robin!

    Glad I came to read this after the hub-bub died down some. I hope you are home soon (if not already). I miss you!



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