Belated Mother's Day Message

I posted Wet Oatmeal Kisses on Mother's Day and I think (without going back to check) that I at least gave a shout out to mom and grandma but I want to take a special moment to tell you guys a little about them.

My mom was born as a premature twin in Liberty, Kentucky to Audrey and Earl. The hospital, small and poorly equipped placed both babies in their one incubator and had my papaw send for my mammie, my maternal great-grandma. They told her to prepare mamaw Audrey because the babies wouldn't make it and "she's gonna need her momma".

They both made it, Marvin and Marcella. Mom struggled with illness her entire childhood (as well as the torment and torture rightly do the youngest and smallest of four children who was admittedly whiny and fussy) and she eventually lost all hearing in one ear as a result of untreated ear infections.

My grandparents divorced and my grandmother truly worked her fingers to the bone trying to provide in his absence both physically and financially. She ironed clothes for ten cents a piece and worked as a waitress and short order cook for pennies as well. She had her hands full but she was a hero to the kids and she never complained about all her sacrifices. She is 76 and still tends her family like a mother bear. She can probably tell you where all her kids and half her grandkids are at any moment!

My mom married at 17, in I think 1969 to my daddy. After their ups and downs they divorced in 1995. I don't get the point, I mean geez there's one foot in the grave by then - I am JUST kidding. At any rate it was no cake walk for any of us and she had a difficult time of it. Though she may have made some missteps navigating the whole deal, she saw her way through it and has landed happily in a marriage to Keith, living on a beautiful little place with rolling green hills and a fishing pond in Indiana.

The memories that stick out most about my mom will read like fiction but I assure they are true and no names have been changed cause ain't NOBODY innocent.


My mom grabbed a tire tool out of a guy's hand who was about to hit another man.

She gutted all the walls in our home, and she and dad learned to do drywall. She also insisted they tear down a house for lumber, build an addition, a pitched roof, hang siding, move a bathroom, and essentially doubled the size of our home. They did the labor and she was not sitting on her laurels bringing lemonade. She was step for step with dad.

If there is anything that needs doing she can get it done. She can work and she is a smart, inventive, won't take "can't be done" for an answer, 4' 11" cookie let me tell you.

She played dolls, made my clothes, and my dolls matching clothes. She can make elaborate birthday cakes, throw great parties, and can drop an engine in your car - uh, yeah, not kidding.

She can write a letter, argue a case, get free stuff from just about anybody anywhere and leave an "all you can eat buffet" with a full meal in her purse.

She calls me crying from time to time to play songs that remind her of me and to tell me she loves me. Though normally I can barely make them out because she is holding the phone too close to the speaker and then there is the bawling.

My mom was electrocuted when she was fiddling with the little box on the central air unit after we had hung the vinyl siding and she dropped a nail in it. When she went to grab it out, zap. Dad, a policeman, resuscitated her and I called 911.

My mom got a concussion dancing.

She wrecked her car when a bee flew in, oh and she stabbed herself in her eye socket (missing her eye by millimeters) with a paring knife when a bee buzzed in her face.

She got 3rd degree frostbite from our freezer and almost lost a finger. She was frozen there for quite a bit, and I couldn't hear her hollering because I had headphones on.

She got a nail stuck in her foot and had foot surgery to remove part of her shoe. That one was actually kind of funny.

Glass slid from the cabinet facing and sliced her arm open, and she passed out in the circle trying to find a ride to the hospital.

I could go on...and on and on. Essentially if you haven't met my mom you have missed out. If you have then you see that this is only the tip of the ice berg. If you are blessed enough to have her in your corner, thank God ( I do). If you are sorry enough to get on her bad side (you should also start talking to God).

She is a beautiful woman, feminine and strong. She acts tough as nails but carries her heart on her sleeve. She is a great mom who does her very best to be there whenever she is needed and she is entirely too hard on herself.

Mom, I love you.
Robin, still your baby girl.

PS. Grandma, you deserve your own post so stay tuned, but I'm gonna call and get some details. How many brothers and sisters did you have 16, 17? yeppers- not kidding folks.

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