Another year without a garden :(

I was having a pity party yesterday (where were you, you were invited!) because I will once again not have a vegetable garden.

It bums me a bit over the veggies that will not be mine AGAIN this year and the money I would save by growing my own, but I think to some extent I am bummed more because I want the experience. I want to see the fruit (or veg) of my labors growing tall and green in my back yard. I want to go out and toil in the dirt a little everyday. Oh, and a hat, I want a funny gardening hat, with matching gloves. I want a basket with a long handle that will hang from my bent arm overflowing with cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes. Ah, it will be so nice. I will look like a picture straight out of Better Homes and Gardens. I'll get some sun and staying busy will make me healthier and I might even lose weight!

Now you should know that it is at this point in one of my daydreams that I might rush off to Lowe's and leave with a couple hundred bucks of lumber, soil and seeds. But since that is not an option because reality is well...real. I continued to sit and think of the garden. Since I couldn't go buy the garden, I envisioned it. Where I would plant it for example. Then I thought of the dogs. The dogs that would be in the garden digging and eating, then throwing up in the house. I thought of the bugs that would infest it and how I know absolutely zero about gardening, or bugs and how I might poison my entire family pouring gasoline on squash to rid myself of some little worm. I thought about rabbits, squirrels and racoons that would probably eat more zuchinni than me. I thought about summer and how I hate it when it's miserably hot. I thought about the kids who will complain that they don't even like eggplant and why should they pull weeds for food they don't even eat (principle overrides of course but it IS a good point). I thought of the possibility that only the tomatoes would make it and I would have hundreds to unload on people who will act graciously when I give them the Wal-mart bag filled with over ripe tomatoes, but they will eat only two and toss the rest.


Then I thought of Susan, and her beautiful raised beds, and gorgeous produce. I thought of her peppers in my freezer that I am still eating from last year. I thought of those wonderful little cherry tomatoes she grew that I put in everything all summer. And it was then that I realized I have a garden! It's just not in my yard. Maybe she would let me wear a funny hat and help her harvest a bit on a nice day when it's not too hot of course?


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  1. LOL!! Of course, you can come and help harvest :-) I will have to find a funny hat,too! Lemonade on the deck and kids playing in the Sunflower House will be a must also!




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