$5 subs and controversy

$5 subs and controversy!!!!

Oh homeschoolers are on the warpath. Well they've gotten an apology now so perhaps they are somewhat soothed.

So for those of you who might be out of the homeschool loop. Here is the abridged version. Subway essay contest. Rules specifically exclude homeschoolers from participating. Why? $5000 grand prize of athletic equipment.

Is it a good idea for the company? Maybe not. Do they have the right to do so? Yep.

My bigger issue is why in the world homeschoolers and our legal groups can get their ire up over soccer nets but can't manage to get fired up and organized enough to get tax credit or vouchers for us to educate our kids?

Personally I think this was a little overblown. I don't feel the need to be "included" in everything every company offers for the school systems. Let schools do their own thing sometimes. Clearly they can't do the job of education, even getting $8-10,000 per child and they need the hand out.

Can we not spend our time, and resources better?

Nonetheless I like the subs.


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