Things I heard from the back seat

On our recent vacation to the Mall of America (courtesy dh's business trip it's a yearly, all expense paid treat) I heard a few things from the back seat that caught my, uh ear.

Things I heard from the back seat:

I want an alien and a hot dog, why can't we go back?

Is this Iowa?

It's not funny, that one really stinks!

Siruis Satellite Radio, a gazillion channels, 8 hrs of Fox News Talk Radio...this is torture.

What's the problem Bear Butts are furry?

Are we still in Iowa?

Why does the cooler have to be back here with the children, when all the drinks in it are for the adults? (just soda!!)

Dad! Please crack the window?! EEEWWW! What did he eat?

"It's a lip, it's a lip, it's a lip, lip, lip. It's a lip, it's a lip, it's a lip, lip, lip. It's a lip, it's a lip, it's a lip, lip, lip. It's a liiiiip, lip, lip lip."

Knock, Knock.

Is Iowa really big or are we still lost?

Mom, you just went.

There is much more to share but I need a little time to get to it all. Right now we are in a Holiday Inn in Milwaukee (work detour for 2 nights). This is my least favorite hotel. All the others are not only beautiful but accommodating when we travel. We have beautiful suites and and moreover they are utterly fabulous. This one is close to the airport and must cater to the business traveler because there is NO Disney Channel or Nickelodeon in the room. Let me clarify, NO children's programming at ALL. I am not a 'shove them in front of the tv' mom, hardly. We brought our school work and have been faithful to it even when I've been pretty under the weather. I have taken them swimming, hot tubbing, played games, you name it, while we are sitting in the hotel all day waiting for Big Daddy to finish work. So this mommy gets played out at several points in the day on a good day and not all these have been "good days" (I'll have to explain more later). I see no harm in serving up some tv time under these conditions. Thankfully we leave day after tomorrow. One full day here is all, whew!


Alrighty time to share the laptop and get some shut eye.

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