Nothing compares to you

As women we often torture ourselves through comparison. Most women do this at least from time to time over weight, looks, thighs, and the superficial. Those can be hard enough pills to swallow but our husbands love us, and find us attractive, and we get over it. (Please note: If you aren't getting over so!!)

But the comparisons for me and I think for most of us that really sting, and stick are the ones we make about our mothering, our job, and our homeschooling.

Matthew Kelly says "Be the best version of yourself. Not some second rate version of anyone else." I just have to say AMEN!!!!!!

If you were a new homeschooler and I invited you over to chat, see the classroom, and talk shop as I often do with newbies, you might well be intimidated, course you might not! But like most of you when someone is coming over this place just shines. If you saw my well thought out schedules and chore charts you would be impressed. I would be quick to tell you this is me with my best foot forward. The schedule works most days, when we are busy, only on some days, when it's crazy it doesn't work at all but it's there as a compass and I make my way back to it. Chores usually get done though not necessarily according to my brilliantly laid out plan (if I do say so myself). Some weeks the kids get nothing done till Friday then hustle to have a little weekend freedom. I would also point out that I have been doing this a long time. Nine years. I have been focused on organization and thought of my life's work as a vocation almost that many as well. If I were not doing at least a few things right by his point I'd be pretty bummed.

What you would see if you peeked inside my life, and if I would ask you to emulate one of my traits it would be this, I found what works for me most of the time. Just me. Find what works for you and give yourself time to figure it out. YEARS, not days or weeks by the way.

Then when you do, hang on cause next month it might change! LOL! Sorry it's true. What works changes for me often. I have come to accept the ebbs and flows and I am happier for it.

Be very careful when comparing. It is very easy in this homeschooling community to put others on pedestals. For me it has been truly painful when those I admire, respect and aspired to be like have stopped homeschooling altogether. Or maybe they have left their husbands and families and moved in with a guy they met on the internet - yikes! Maybe they moved into a different stage of life and their situation called for a new direction. Still there is a loss and it's a little scary. As if, wow, if THEY can't make it, how on earth will I?

If you are homeschooling know this life is a brave new world! There is a ton of help, infinite resources, and do avail yourselves of what's there for you. But, when the conferences and expos have packed up and left town and the support meeting has been adjourned, you are the one who has to put one foot in front of the other and walk this walk. Be inspired, have faith in yourself, trust your children, put raising saints as the priority above raising scholars, and then do your best. It will be good enough for your family and merely your desire to please God and live out the life He calls you to, in fact pleases Him. He is proud of you, His Daughter.

Blessings Friends,

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