On fairies & dragons - are they negative influences?

I think what's most important with regards to this topic is to allow the mere possibility that other Catholics might make different choices about fairies, superheroes or Harry Potter and they
aren't bad parents, bad Catholics or even wrong.

Families have to make choices based on their ability to explain, monitor and illuminate (which I define as finding value and making Christian connections) any of these literary elements. I have NO problem with fairies or other fantasy creatures.

We have a house filled with superheroes, and my yahoo ID you will notice has WW. The mythology behind Wonder Woman is that she was an Amazon Princess and her mother Queen Hippolyta formed her from clay at the river and she was brought to life by the gods.
She is immortal in the comic world, the world of Zeus. I think this might be confusing for a very young child but not to later elementary aged. It's a cool story if you ask me.

My explanation about fairies is that they are made up, mythical creatures. I would explain frequently and more in depth as the child grows how common it is that the secular world will in literature mimic truths and realities such as angels. I think parents have to know their
child. If the child is easily lost into a fantasy world I would avoid it altogether.

For parents who aren't going to take the time to read HP for example, research the latin roots, and mythological background and then explain it so their kids don't actually want to go try to become warlocks they should refrain from reading those books. You have to be fully prepared to steer your child's course through anything that has even the slightest potential to mislead them.

When I think fairies I think, Tinkerbell. I cannot fathom how this could be dangerous. If CS Lewis and Tolkein can enjoy woodland fairies etc, I can too.

I am often saddened by my own Protestant days when my faith was so small, and my God so tiny that I was afraid to play cards, dance, drink a glass of wine, watch Disney movies with witches or read books that might challenge my beliefs or which I was sure might corrupt my
children forever.

As a Catholic my God, my faith, can match anything the world has to offer. I don't have to take it all in but I can prayerfully discern and with His help enjoy many of the wonderful works of literature and fantastical creatures and myths the amazing minds He has created can
think up.

I would say that's my two cents on the matter but it's probably more like a dimes
worth :)


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