more perks for me, many thanks for my dh

I know we moms feel we have cornered the market on martyrdom, but I was feeling bad for my dear hubby today. He hauled himself to work this morning though he'd been home sick yesterday and needed to stay home today too.

I must share this! He emailed me that his temperature was 100.3 and he asked, "is that high?" Bless his heart, he is never sick. I couldn't bring myself to tell him that only a few weeks ago when both the boys had the flu, their fevers got as high as 104.5! Now he is back on the couch and calling out tomorrow.

I have all the respect in the world for my hubby. I remember when he was a policeman and he would work 16-18 hour days following the hurricane. He was so exhausted but he kept dragging out there catching the looters and helping old ladies. What a man, really. We are far from that disaster now (thankfully) but off he goes to slay the dragons everyday and I am here teaching the kids (obviously not at this exact moment), keeping the fire going (literally), fixing food (most days), keeping house, doing the laundry that never ends, managing the money, running the house, and doing before and after school care.

Oh and of course there is what I spend most of days doing...
let the dogs out
let the dogs in
let the dogs out
let the dogs in
let the dogs out
let the dogs in
let the dogs out
let the dogs in

We both have our stresses, they are different no doubt. My job may be more so on some days but I know his is worse than mine on others too. I am at least with my family everyday which I know he would give his right arm to be able to say. I am comfortable, warm and safe. I can lay down on the couch when I absolutely need to, I can take a bath if I'm having a "Calgon take me away" day. I can chat on the phone or diddle on the computer without fear of repercussions.

Some other things I have on him because I get to be home-

  • I always know what's for dinner (or what we are getting from take out)
  • I always know what we're doing tonight that I signed us up for without asking him
  • I know what we have and what we are out of so I don't stand with the fridge open for 10 minutes looking for pineapple salsa
  • I don't have to wonder if I'll have clean jeans or underwear the next day
  • I never run too late to make coffee...I would rather be late
  • I am there for all the kids firsts, I have all their stories etched on my heart & mind
  • I know whether or not I am going to have sex that night
Okay enough babbling...I would LOVE a nap but it's not a viable option, the kids might burn down the house and they certainly wouldn't be studying tonight about the American Revolution. More coffee it is!

Peace, Robin

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