A good school day?

What makes a good school day? Is a good school day the same as just a good day? Or how about a good family day or spiritual day? Does everyday have to be all those things? Can some days be all those things or most of them, and others only one?

For us some days we are studiously attending to our lesson plans and sticking to the chore chart in the kitchen like it's carved in stone, and other days we don't even bother opening the lesson plan and it's supper before I say, "Did somebody feed these dogs, whose day was it?"

Today we did not open a book. Well Corey did Biology, but when I don't know. I wasn't paying very close attention, because I was getting ready for our volleyball games with our homeschool league (I coach, ref and run it) while tending to my hubby who's still home sick and who was, as a side note, bringing himself to terms with the fact that he was home and I was leaving the house to carry on with my intended schedule for the day .

Today the beds did not get made, and the floor did not get it's much needed sweeping and mopping, but the dogs got fed! I fed them and it was NOT my day. As far as home management goes I must be holding my own because the rest of the house was alright and the laundry was caught up.

So was this a "good school day"? The kids played volleyball, worked on the farm, and essentially hung out with their dear friends from 10:30 am to 9 pm. I can't even, with a straight face on this one, go all unschooly and say they learned about some life skill, or nature, or they watched an educational program.

What they did learn was that there was a loophole in the McDonald's Playplace Policy. It said kids 3-12 and parents too! Well they reasoned if weight or size is an issue then parents couldn't go in, so the management couldn't argue that perspective. If they are in with younger siblings in the stead of a parent they should be permitted, and if all else fails they could plead discrimination against teenagers. 2 of them were still 12 if only for a few more weeks, so only the other two were wiggling the rules a bit. They were very careful of the 2-3 younger kidlets and they virtually had the digs to themselves anyway. They would have never raised an eyebrow except that they fell into the emergency bar on the outer door and sent an alarm screaming. But even after the manager reset it they went on playing without being questioned. Is looking for a loophole a life skill? How about if you're a CPA? I won't even touch that tonight. LOL

All in all I finished up my work, though late this evening. I made homemade vegetable beef soup for my patient, which seemed to smooth over my absence all afternoon and I am making the time to think all this through before heading off to my prayers. I think it was a good day, I enjoyed every moment with my kids today, every moment. They are growing up so quickly and this time is so precious and fleeting. Good school day? I don't really care, it was a good day.

Many blessings to you and yours,

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