Further thoughts on the dragons...

Regarding recent comment regrading dragons: "Fairies aren't bad. Calling evil things "good" is bad. Using traditional symbols for evil for good characters is bad."

My thinking on this is a little different. I would agree to call something good that IS evil is a bad idea and should never be taught but is that what we are talking about? I don't think so at all.

I think stories which contain both good and evil witches or good and evil dragons like Eragon for example, are actually wonderful ways for older children to understand that sin and evil are CHOICES. Choices each of us face whether we are people, fairies, dragons, no matter what
our world looks like. No matter how much evil, sorrow, pain, sadness, or power surrounds us, we must choose God, and His good things. Those who are born into pagan faiths, addiction, same sex attraction, or abusive families, even those who have committed terrible crimes, surely
having a tougher row to hoe, but does that mean they cannot choose God, choose good and be elevated beyond their birth into sin at some point in their life? Of course not.

I find stories about characters that would easily be viewed as evil but who overcome all their tendencies, the peer pressure, their very nature to choose good, to be very inspirational. It shows me that everyone no matter how evil can ultimately opt to live right and follow Christ. Of
course often times in literature their goodness isn't attributed to God, but that also doesn't bother me. This falls easily under Catholic teaching. Those who have not heard the Good News, have a conscience imprinted on their hearts by God to know good and evil and they are
duty bound to follow it.

If you get right down to it, people are evil, all of us. We are sinners and fall short of the glory of God. There is NO good in us that doesn't come from Christ. The Bible tells the story of mankind, and how we can be saved and abandon our sinfulness if we follow Christ. So all stories are about bad creatures (including mankind) choosing good or evil. Whether some wear funny hats, ride on brooms or have wings is beside the point to me.

Understand too that there are in fact many products(too many for my taste) - literary, film, and games that have essentially no redeeming characters. Just because a dragon CAN be portrayed as a hero or a good guys doesn't mean that all things dragon are okay.

Please consider the standard disclaimer attached to this - there must be balance and not immersion in such things (saint studies, scripture, catechesis and the like are essential and should be the focus) these concepts are not for the very young, and must be fully understood by
the adults, and parents have to know their kids, etc.


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  1. It is refreshing to see so much thought put into your "dragon & fairies" stories. I, too have struggled with these issues with our kids. I have found thru reading Eragon, HP and my 12 yr old's facination with fairies, that it does come down to communication with your kids. It is all in fun and adoration of the God that has given us so much natural magic in our lives...the sun rising, flowers coming up from the ground, birds flying, rain, snow, etc. All of these are magical. Fairies and dragons are just fun stories of "other creatures" (as my 14 yr old says). Thank you for your words of wisdom!


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