A woman was preparing Sunday dinner. She cut off the end of the ham and placed it in the pan. Her husband said, "Why do you cut the end of the ham off?" Puzzled she thought about it and said, "I'm not sure, my mom always did." She decided to call her mom and ask why she cut the end of the ham off. Her mom's response was, "My mom always did." So they called grandma, and asked her. She said her mom had always done so, so she did too. Determined to get to the bottom of this they conference called great-grandma and explained how they each cut off the end of the ham because their mom had always done so. Finally they asked grandma, "Why do we all cut off the end of the ham?"

"Well I don't know why ya'll do it but my pan was too short."

There is great wisdom in this little anecdote. As women, as mothers, we have to be ever vigilant about what we carry and pass on to our children. This is not only appropriate for people who came from abusive homes but for us all. I know my mother is proud and grateful that I have access to more resources and better information than she did as a young mother. I use more than a few of her recipes, but I have made choices that are very different from hers, like homeschooling.

While many things are routine, or traditional for good cause that's not always the case. I think it's good to question, to reassess sometimes the laws we've laid down. Okay, this might seem like a silly one but I had to get over the idea that certain foods had to be eaten at certain times. My daughter wanted cold pasta one morning for breakfast many years ago and I was horrified, my son loves cold pizza. I got over it. Hey they are eating, and possibly more importantly they are clearing out leftovers, and I don't have to cook!

I recently decided it was okay if we didn't attend Mass as a pack. Corey prefers the early Mass, and he takes Taylor with him on Sunday mornings when she sees the this side of 9 am.

I've given up on perfection. I don't clean when I have guests.

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