The sounds of silence

In a mad stroke of evil genius I declared silence in the house after lunch. The kids had been really boisterous and chaotic this morning. We'd gotten through Math and Science but I was working on a headache more than anything else.

The silence worked like a tonic not only on my headache, but after the initial resistance they all embraced it. They tore through their work in record time! I was able to get my work done too.
I told the kids we will be having silence everyday after lunch until 3:00 pm.

How long it lasts I don't know, but on the short run it is the order of the day.

The headache returned with the sounds...I was stressing out a bit. Before I let it get too far away from me I decided to go to the gym in the basement and work up a sweat. Did the trick. Gotta remember to burn the stress off that way more often!

Tomorrow is my big night! William and I get to go on our first Valentine's date.

DH takes Taylor, and Corey takes me out (during the week of Valentine's Day). This year William and I will go. Corey and I will go out as well. Oh and OF COURSE DH and I will have a date too :) We will have a special Valentine Dinner with the family as well- fancy schmancy, candles, music and all.

We love holidays, all holidays, occasions, favorite movie premieres, you name it. Lots of memories, that's what we like.

Have a great night!


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