Our plan for observing Lent

Ash Wednesday is this week.

We'll attend morning Mass on Wednesday come home and make our crown of thorns. In the afternoon DH and the kids will work the fish fry, for my part I will go and partake of the fruit of the labor :)

The kids will be making banners and decorating all our crosses with purple ribbon. William is going to be making lions and lambs. Our Easter theme is always, Conquering Lion, Sacrificial Lamb.

William's spiritual focus will be on memorizing scripture and his prayers. My hope is to workup to at least a couple decades of the rosary for him. With the bigger kids we'll be reading the Screwtape Letters by CS Lewis aloud and learning about contemplative prayer.

We'll watch the Passion of Christ as always and focus on deepening their intimate personal relationship with Christ through time, prayer and the Word.

Personally my focus is on contemplative prayer, and listening to the still quiet voice of Christ. My life is so filled with blessings, activity and life that sometimes it's difficult to be still at His feet. So often I catch myself in prayer doing ALL the talking. Or worse rattling off my wish list. During this season of Lent I want to learn to refocus and redirect my prayer life.
DH and I will hopefully be able to complete the Crieghton classes for natural family planning, and continue to tithe as we are called. I plan for us to share more prayer time, and weekly time in general with Christ as a couple.

We'll make a Lenten sacrifice though many of us are as of yet undecided. This evening we will observe an hour quiet time before bed to discern God's desire for our sacrifice. We'll celebrate Fat Tuesday and Super Tuesday tomorrow!

We'll make some trips to the shrine, and of course daily Mass and weekly adoration.

We have a Lenten devotional we'll be sharing as a family during meal times.

As Easter approaches we will build the hill and tomb from paper mache and as we always do place Christ in the tomb on Good Friday. On Easter morning of course He will be gone and the kids will have to "seek Him" to find their Easter blessing baskets!

I am kicking around the idea of sharing blessing bags, that would be similar to Boo Bags at Halloween.

My bagel and coffee are finished, my yogurt too so I am off to scale Mt. Laundry. I could use a good sherpa...mom?? Where are you!!? She can tear through laundry like a champ.

Ah well, I'm on my own, if I'm not back in two days send the dogs.


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