my morning...

I'm pretty good at running my home, in fact, it's a high priority for
me to do my job well. But sometimes, sometimes it just gets the best
of you.

I headed downstairs about 6 am to scale the mountain of laundry I'd
been avoiding, I figured 6 loads maybe 8. It was bad, ladies, very,
very bad.

I took a deep breath started a load, sorted the rest and headed up
stairs for coffee part II.

Corey has been so sick, and he's been sick literally everywhere last
week and part of this past weekend. So I stripped all the beds, and
bedspreads, bathmats, towels, couch throws, quilts, pillows, you name it.

I went upstairs and started pulling laundry out of the kids rooms. It
got worse. I discovered the kids had not taken their dirty laundry to
the laundry room, and most was from our DC trip, two weeks ago! (not a
good smell)

Did I mention the wet soggy mess of clothing I nearly killed myself
tripping over as I ventured into the garage to bring up the trash cans
earlier? (sledding in the snow for two days -surprise mom!).

Feeling quite discouraged, and rather like a cracked vial of
plutonium, I started loading that mess into the van and headed to the

I was not popular there. I used...13 regular washers and two over
sized ones, and then fully half the dryers. I took my iPod so no one
would attempt conversation.

2 hrs, 45 minutes later, oh & $34.00 --BAM! it's ALL done, folded, and
put away. (whew!!)

There is a new laundry sheriff in town baby! Is it just me or can
anyone relate?


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