From my dear husband's blog this morning

From my hubby's brilliant blog:

Conservative radio talk-show hosts have made some interesting observations about Barack Obama. Most interesting is that Obama is such a clean slate; you could, in your own imagination, believe him to support anything you want. How is this possible? I think it’s as much his scant years as a senator as his ability to sidestep important issues. As a senator, Obama voted “present,” neither yes or no, over 130 times. Many times he was the only senator to do so, almost as often he was one of six or fewer democrats.

This might seem strange for a freshman senator, one you would think eager to make “change,” but even more so for a new senator wanting to be president; who rarely has that option. While his aides claim this was in response to badly written legislation, Obama always had the stronger option of voting in opposition to these bills and then explain “why.” Far easier it seems was to evade totally and lessen his voting paper trail.

So for a man who seems to favor not taking sides, on issues ranging from partial birth abortions to protecting the identity of sex-abuse victims, it’s easy to assume he might be for the issues you find important.

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