The Year of "No", becomes the Year of "Oh NO!"

Well my well thought out, master plan of prioritizing, and saying "No" was put to the test today. While in a meeting for my volleyball league my phone rang off the hook. I was called to sing in a telethon this weekend, my friend Toni, our youth minister called about the March for Life, the music minister called about cantering for funerals, and also the library rang me up. Not to mention the kids calling 3 times, my mom once, and my hubby.

That's when I realized this was not going to be as easy as I thought :(

The meeting was very good, I feel good about it. I am not going to be able to do everything and don't feel guilty about saying no to some of the these things. I just feel a little overwhelmed, even calling to say no is one more thing to do.

When I got home the kids had not finished their school work, and they had not done any chores. I was disappointed. They can do better, they certainly know better.

I had a very firm conversation with them, and explained that this was their responsibility. I do not own the problem, they do. They learned we would be having volleyball this evening and knew better to even think about asking if they were going. They apologized, looked contrite and then, they got busy. They got ALL the work done in less than 2 hrs!

I wish they had held their own when I was away this morning but I was proud of them for at least making it right without excuses or argument.

It's never easy to make choices, it's not easy to put yourself out there and find that sometimes you can't please everyone. Making changes is not a cake walk, especially when you are trying to walk away from cake!!

For now I need to get to bed...5 am wake up call, as usual.

Oh one of my daycare parents brought me flowers today! I kept her daughter over night while she did an organ transplant at children's hospital. Poor thing worked 18 hrs was off for about 6 and went back to work...and I got flowers! She's a single mom and works really hard. God bless her.

Night, Robin

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  1. Single parents need all the help they can get; she is sure to feel blessed to have you there for her and her daughter in times such as those.
    And remember a "no" to others can often mean a "yes" for you.


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