Picture this...success.

Do all homeschoolers have calendars, schedules, and Venn Diagrams on poster board in the house? (TY Susan) I am adding the diagram! It will help illustrate the plan this year.

There are 4 areas of my life that are priorities: Faith, Family, Health, & Finances

In each of these areas there are many issues. Each time I am pulled or considering something, a purchase, a new commitment, an activity, or choice, I want to refer to this list/diagram and see if it makes the cut. If it doesn't, I need to say no.

This will be a new exercise for me. I don't normally give this much thought to commitments. Someone asks and my first instinct is to always say, "yes!" This is needed mostly for me but also for the kids. When they want to take on some new activity, or spend money on some new widget gadgety thingamabob, I want to be able to show them why I am saying no. (Of course my simple "no" is sufficient, but they are old enough and frankly need more training in sacrificing for long term goals).

In addition to the list/diagram I am adding a year long calendar, alongside the monthly calendar.

As much as the kids, I forget to keep a long term vision for our family and my life. I think this will help. Somehow Lent always sneaks up on me for example. With the yearly calendar, I can see exactly how many weeks I have to prepare. When I need to say no to some cool thing the kids want to do or buy, I can show them how many weeks are left until we buy new Six Flags memberships and remind them that we are saving for that goal.

Sometimes for one reason or another I call off school or end the day early. It seems like there is plenty of time to make it up right? Having that calendar staring back at me will help me see how close summer really is, and remind me that every choice to slack off today is a choice to work when we'd rather swim in June.

4 days into the new year, so far so good! LOL I pray I can still be focused at 44 days, and 244 days!!


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  1. I'm sure your husband feels blessed to have such a hardworking and faithful wife such as you. I think the notion of comparing your possible choices against a list pf priorities is a great idea.


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