Look around

What an amazing surprise a little warm weather can be!

Two days ago winter took a spring break, and the temps topped 70 degrees...ah, it was so nice. Today it will be in the 60's tomorrow the 50's and by weeks end winter will be back in town.

No matter, this little reminder of the warm spring weather was perfect! People were in such a good mood. As I went to church, and shopped everyone was soaking it up. Windows down in the car, coats tossed in the back seat, and little ones not bundled up to their eyeballs, then shrouded in blankets as moms scurried into stores. Everyone I saw had a little "spring" in their step. (pun fully intended)

In the Charlotte Mason Method of education nature plays a vital role. The children take time daily to enjoy nature in all the seasons, and they gain an appreciation and love for God's work.

It's so uplifting when you take a moment to appreciate God's glorious Creations. In every season there is beauty and joy. In winter we are blessed by Christmas, and New Year's. We reflect on the old, and prepare for the new. We resolve issues, and find hope in a new beginning. We spend more time inside with family, and if we are wise we will wrap ourselves in that opportunity like a soft, cozy blanket.

Soon we are itching for the outdoors and God faithfully provides a smorgasbord of sights, colors songs, and smells for our hungry souls to feast upon in the spring. We tan, we bask, we play and swim in the summer, and then we gingerly move into fall, eager to pull out warm sweaters, and take long walk in the cool breezes with leaves crunching under our feet.

Creation is too spectacular for words, at least for my words, but in my prayers and praise my soul sings out to God in thanks and that is a language He fully understands. That expression is sufficient and I think it is also His favorite ;)

Don't breeze past His wondrous works today. Even though winter has settled in for a stay there is so much to appreciate. Look around.


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  1. If only the warm spring and cool autumn didn't give way to the hot summer and cold winter so fast:)


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