Lanuguage is powerful

One thing I have re-realized is that I have to change my language. I often say I "have to". I have to go to the store, I have to do laundry. I am trying to say I "want" or I "get", or even simply I am "going to".

The truth is, one implies burden while the other implies a blessing. I want very much to acknowledge the enormous blessings that pervade every single area of my life.

I am blessed to live in this prosperous country where I can linger in a super-grocery store for an hour perusing fresh fruits and veggies and every kind of food imaginable. I have money to purchase food for my children. They will not go to bed hungry. I can have confidence that my food is safe and not contaminated. I take my food home to refrigeration. I have the most amazing kids and a handsome husband to feed!! That alone is blessing enough!

I can apply this thinking to everything. I don't have to walk miles to a dirty river to do laundry. I have heat, a/c, and beautiful home to keep clean. I have a bed to make, a toilet to clean, dog's to clean up after that probably eat better than 2/3 of the world's population.

This is my life. It is awesome! It's blessed and I know it. I need to remember it, and hopefully this small effort, along with the prayers and prayer cards I've placed as reminders around my home will help me form new habits in my language.

I am so blessed to be sitting here by the fire in my favorite house shoes sharing my thoughts on this computer.

Oh and drinking a diet root beer, I LOVE diet root beer!! Gotta be thankful for that!!


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