Just so tired tonight

I am so tired tonight.

I was trying to make serious progress in the basement today moving the playroom, clearing out some clutter, cleaning up post - Christmas. Before (my new resolve) I would have gone into hyper-focus and worked myself sun up to sundown, allowing the kids to hang loose while I accomplished my immediate goals (losing sight of my long term ones). So often, mainly this fall, I would have this idea that we can sit and do more school as soon as everything is "just so". I know OCD. I have the t-shirt to prove it.

It's so unrealistic, and unproductive!! Today, I worked and made progress, that was my goal. I made a great deal of progress in the basement but I was making sure all day long the kids were on track. I stopped to work Algebra with Corey and Science with Taylor. I graded papers and gave spelling tests. I got my housework done, did many loads of laundry, cleaned out the kids closets, gave the foster puppies their shots, and cared for them. I cleaned out and organized the file cabinet which has ALL our personal records, papers, receipts, instruction manuals, you name it. I kept the dishes up and the house neat. I worked on the budget, balanced the checkbook, and paid bills. I talked Steve through making dinner.

I am beat. Really beat. It's 10:45 pm and I am headed to bed.

I am supposed to go to Gab n' Nibble in the morning, the coffee time for the moms in the homeschool group. I am really torn. I want to go, and I need to take that time for myself. But as usual I am thinking I can get more accomplished if I stay home. I don't know. If I don't sleep in, I will probably go.

This was a long day. It was a good day but I am feeling very drained. Did I do too much? Maybe today was the day I should have made time for me. Not sure. Don't know, but I am headed to bed. Blessings~

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