I said yes today. Well actually yesterday.

We have fostered puppies for the animal shelter in the past and we have all really enjoyed it. We had some puppies this November but didn't have any in Dec. So when my friend said they had two beagle pups that needed placement, I was looking forward to it! These little girls though are sick and have to be put on iv meds. So I agreed to take a litter of retriever/husky pups. There are 5. Steve came home and said, "so uh, how does this play into your year of no?"

I'm not sure. If and when it's too much I will say so.

This is one of the things I do love about being home and having the kids at home. They learn about sacrifice, and love through this fostering. It is very hard to love the pups and let them go to new homes. We have used this experience to talk about many things, adoption and fostering parenting are for example things we have thought about a great deal, and having the puppies has continued that dialogue.

The kids really love this experience. Sure after some time they get a little weary of the work so we take a break. They understand that the work that we do with the pups- housebreaking them, socializing them with people and our dogs, and training them is well spent. They will be better dogs and be more likely to find long term homes. My daughter wants to volunteer in the shelter but I can't give up another day to leaving the home. This gives her the opportunity.

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