The Year of No

Oh it has been awhile since posting here. I'm busy what can I say?

What to talk about? I need to trim down my postings, I know. When I don't post often then I ramble on endlessly.

Well how about this...things in my life are changing and I am not sure what to make of it. I'm not the breastfeeding mommy anymore -btdt (been there done that) or the toddler/playdate mommy, I have a 17 yr old (in about 3 days), 12 and almost 7. Things I used to enjoy I don't so much anymore. I have been the long time girl scout leader, the coach, the activity leader, youth group leader, essentially ______ (fill in the blank) leader when it comes to the kids and I've done it. I'm not feelin' it so much anymore.

I'll be 37 this year. Still hoping for another baby or even more but even so, I think I will be a different mom than I was all those years ago wen I was so young and knew so little about the position.

I don't know what 2008 will hold but I know I will be making more time for myself, saying "sorry but no" a lot more, and nurturing myself a little more.

Big Daddy and I are ready to have more couple time. We spend lots of time together, but more family time than just us, and we are both really missing it. The question is what to do? Movies, food, coffee, bookstores...we do that. But we are looking for new interests, we are taking suggestions!

So in a couple weeks the "Year of No" will begin (ty G for the inspriration). This will be very different for me...pray for me!

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