The Solemnity of Mary

(written by one very sleepy girl)

Today was a Holy Day of Obligation and the Mass was really awesome!

Father Joe talked about the shepherds celebrating Christmas for a short time, probably only a couple hours with the Christ child and then the truth was they had to go back to work! They had to take those sheep and get back to shepherding. Joseph celebrated and then immediately he had to get busy protecting his family and getting them to Egypt, fathering. Then there was Mary... she had this experience of giving birth to the only Son of God!! What did she do next? She mothered. She protected her child, she fed, clothed and cared for Him. She spent those years tending a home, and raising a son. She did laundry, cooked, she cleaned. The same things I do, whoa.

But make no mistake they were all indeed transformed by their experience of Christ. Their daily lives were no longer ordinary. If I encountered Christ and then had to get back to the laundry what would it be like? I have thought of this question all day! I think I would be in such awe, in such shock I would be useless, I would want to bask in His glory, right? But then the truth is what if I really had to pick up and get immediately back to daily life? What if I couldn't zone out in the joy?

Wait a minute... that is EXACTLY the situation I face! Each week I encounter Christ, body blood, soul and divinity in the Eucharist!! and then back to my duties, my ordinary life. It is not easy carrying the peace, the joy, and the love of Christ I feel in the Mass back into my day, let alone have that feeling still radiating from me come, oh say Thursday! But shouldn't it be??

Yeah I know life is busy, life is stressful, blah, blah, blah...but I was with Christ today!! I saw Him! I spoke to Him, and He spoke to me! Wow, does that sound crazy?!

I want many things for this New Year, to do better in many areas of my life but this message, this message has truly spoken to me and more than any other thing I hope I do better in this-allowing Christ to truly transform me, every ordinary day of my life that I may become all that He creates me to be.

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