mercy, laundry and hand lotion

The kids in these parts pull their own weight. These parts being our house.

I try not to do things for the kids that they can do for themselves. I believe firmly that children are empowered when they have appropriate responsibilities. I see the success and confidence it builds in them.

So all the kids as young as 5 and 6 learned to do lots of things. They can sort laundry, put in the detergent, and match socks. They can unload dishes to the counter top and put away the silverware. They can feed pets, dust, straighten, make beds (sort of), put towels away, vacuum, and my son's favorite task...clean the toilet. Yes you heard me correctly, clean the commode. He loves using those little blue, clippy, flushy thingys. (That IS TOO the correct term, and heck since I don't get paid to advertise for them it works for me!)

Now having said that, the kids do not do these jobs perfectly and certainly when they are young not as well as mom can BUT keep at it because my two older kids, can clean a kitchen as good as momma, no sweat.

Today William was having quite the imaginative day. The big kids were out and he built an airplane in the classroom. I was the flight attendant (is that the current politically correct term?) how about competent, airline professional who gets the drinks and saves my bacon if the thing goes down? Better? Anywho, that was my gig. He had his brief case, his laptop, his lunch, he was watching the in-flight movie and all...he was set. Unfortunately his bedroom was not. It was soooooo not. A few days of neglect is all it takes for it to unravel and become a huge task.

I considered stopping the movie, grounding the plane and having him clean his room. Then I thought what a merciful blessing it would be if I just did it for him. He was neglecting it because he was overwhelmed. It's not as if I clean it all the time. In fact it needs only the occasional momma cleaning. So I did it, took me no time at all really, not compared to the whole day it might have taken him. I called him up to his room and he just knew what was coming, cleaning time. He dutifully dragged himself upstairs and then burst into "YES!! Oh wow! Mom thank you!! This looks awesome!"

Mercy is a fabulous gift no matter which end of it you are on.

For the laundry, well I have two small loads to do now...I unearthed them in his closet, his bathroom, and under his bed.

Lotion, well I've been cleaning off and on all day and I need to remember to go put on some lotion, my hands are dry.

I hope you find an opportunity today to offer your children a little mercy.


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