Tomorrow morning I will start year 9 of homeschooling with my children. Looking back it doesn't feel that long. In homeschooling circles that makes me a veteran. What's odd is that for the first time I actually feel like a veteran. I might just know a little something about this after all.

Every year, particularly those early years, I would always question my decisions. Decisions about curriculum choices, schedules, what the kids needed, and were they learning? Are they at grade level? Are they happy? Am I too close to be objective? I was always checking out curricula and asking everyone about their choices.

Now though, I have learned to trust. I trust my children. I trust myself. Traditional education works from the premise that kids if left to their own devices would not want to learn anything, ever. I realize I held that view too for a time, but it simply not true. The problem is traditional schooling and if you are not VERY careful homeschooling too, will brush past a child's desires for learning because we are on our way to teach them something.

Has this happened to you? You are doing a lesson, say on parts of speech, and you are frustrated because your child wants to tell you a story about what they saw outside during a break, or saw on tv? We ignore the learning that is an could occur naturally so that we can get back to the artificial learning.

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