Why Titanic is the worst love story ever told

First of all let me say that the heroine, Rose, is trashier than any third class woman on that ship.

She has a gorgeous, wealthy man who loves and wants to marry her. Save her family from ruin and care for her mother. He showers her with love and affection but she rebuffs him because she want adventure. She doesn't have the spine to stand up to her mother and tell her she will not marry a man she does not love so she uses him. She strings him along for his money.

She humiliates him by carrying on with another man, and dares to act frightened when he calls her on it. She decidely fall is love over the course of about 36 hrs or so, can you say noodle brain?

She climbed out of the boat, leavin an empty seat where someone else might have been saved.

Then what does she do at the end? Does she give the diamond to the man who flew her out there and recovered all her belongings? Does she give it to her grandchildren that they might have a better life? Nope, selfish little twit throws it into the ocean.

Hate that movie. Love Billy Zane and the iceberg, the only redeeming characters in the flick.

nuff said