A girl can dream...

Some where over the rainbow
Way up high
There's an appliance that I dream of
That can get all my clothes dry.

Somewhere over the rainbow,
Clothes get dry
Clothes dried in less than an hour
so quickly I could cry.

If dryers dried like washers wash then
weekends would not just be a wash and dry thing.
I might see daylight, trees and more
Than in the basement such a boring Saturday.

This doesn't rhyme so perfectly but nonetheless it comforts me
and so I don't care.

Sorry, I know that was bad...but seriously, seriously, seriously! Did I say SERIOUSLY?? WHY can't dryers dry as fast as washers wash, or half as fast?? It is a constant struggle!! I know I am not alone.

aargh...is there a lesson to be learned here? hmmm...

When something gets dirty it takes longer to clean it up?
nah, that's lame...it's official today there is nothing to learn from laundry except that it takes up my whole freakin' Saturday because the dryer cannot keep up~!!

anywho-it'll be here when I get back I am out of the basement and off to a cookout!

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