You pick your friends

When you hear folks say, someone falls in with the "wrong crowd" do you ever wonder how that happened? Were they kidnapped? Hypnotized? Did they trip?Were they unaware that this was the wrong crowd they'd heard so much about? Once they figured it all out, could they not escape?

I don't think anyone falls in with any crowd, right or wrong. You simply choose your friends. If you don't know who you are, or what you believe, if you have no value system of your own, if you have low self esteem, and if you are sort of drifting then you may be less aware that the wrong crowd is the wrong crowd. But you still choose them. You choose them because they make you feel accepted and maybe even better about yourself because you aren't as bad as some of them. You like not being judged, you like their low standards, and you probably like most of the things the do and who they are.

Does the wrong crowd know they're wrong? Doubt it. They know the the other crowds are different though, because they either avoid them, or criticize and ridicule them.

I am watching my Cowboy as he moves into the world. Beign homeschooled ppl like to say often times that they won't be able to survive because they have been so sheltered. Not at all, at least in this house. The sheltering isn't out of fear, but so that they grow and learn who they are so when they are faced with a diverse world they aren't drifting looking to latch on to anything.

I am growing my seedlings for my garden now. They are in a domed tray inside the house, by a window where the light shines bright all morning. Why not plant them in the yard? They would be easily picked off by birds, and squirrels, and die when the cold snaps again. I shelter them now so that they can develop good strong roots and when they are transplanted in the garden they will flourish.

When the weeds do pop up as I know they will I will pluck them out quickly.

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